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  • Highest data integrity with encrypted, secure error-rejecting data communication methods to prevent false signals.
  • LED's indicate every input contact state, every output relay state, RF transmit, RF receive and system/Modbus activity.
  • Integrated control routines for common applications often eliminate the need for additional control logic, PLC or computer.
  • Thousands of digital inputs, relay outputs, analog inputs, pulse inputs and analog outputs per system. This means you can easily field configure the unit to route any input to any output.
  • All units revert to known state upon failure or communication loss – either local or remote – within seconds.
  • Quickly and easily add wireless I/O to existing systems. The 32 is compatible with virtually all SCADA systems, with analog, digital and computer interfacing. The unit is easily expandable in the field to meet future requirements and upgrades.
  • Eight analog outputs are standard, but more may be added with a relay board.
  • The 4ADI-5DO3, 8ADI-9DO, 16ADI-9D2AO, and 32 can all communicate with the Data Delivery Device units you need to build a complete system.
  • Modbus configuration, monitoring and control is integrated. RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces are standard.
  • LED and additional relay output indicates the system state and verified communication status.
  • Dual power supply standard (115 Volts AC or 10- to 28-Volts DC).

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Budget-friendly, reliable SCADA units that are ideal for oil, gas, water, security and other industrial fields. When wired communications don't work, RFSCADA units do.

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Data Delivery Devices has a long tradition of providing SCADA devices backed by outstanding customer support, timely delivery, high-quality products, and easy plug-and-play capabilities.


Data Delivery Devices has been manufacturing quality RFScada devices for the oilfield, water and other industries for more than 10 years.

Today, we manufacture RFScada units with 4G (fourth-generation) technology. Our units have been proven to be the product of choice of cost-conscious customers that require the utmost in reliability and ease-of-use.

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  • RFSCADA 32 units are ready to ship.

    Fourth-generation device that features a high-performance, high-integration general purpose remote terminal unit (RTU) with on-board datalogger.